A networking ‘table shuffle’ is simple, so don’t panic! You sit at a table of up to 7 people and each person speaks in turn to the other people on the table for 60 seconds.

When your 60 seconds is complete the host will shout out ‘Next person’.

Once everyone has spoken the host will ring the bell (ping!)

You get up and move to the next table of new people, according to a rota which is pre-printed on the delegates list you receive on the day.


This is a great way of meeting a lot of local business in a very intense networking session so that you can then arrange 1:1’s off the back of that meeting.  With so many members now in the groups it could otherwise take a year for you to meet everyone!

Use it as the opportunity for us to get an insight into your business to tell us what makes you different to all the other businesses out there, why people should use you.  Who are your customers?  If you tell us who your target market is we can help you reach more of that market.

The networking groups are providing you with a support network and community of people who all want to help and collaborate. Find strategic alliances with businesses that have the same target market (for example the photographer, wedding planners and hairdresser that are selling to the same bridal market).  You will hear many success stories in the room of people collaborating and working together.