Peter talks business with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg

Peter Sleigh was one of a small select group of business people chosen to meet and discuss business with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg on his recent visit to Leeds. Peter was amongst nine business people from the region and a small café in the centre of Leeds provided a small intimate setting. The event was organised by local Marketing guru Kate Hardcastle.

Peter Sleigh said “It was a pleasure to be able to speak to Nick Clegg and to put Brighouse business on the national map. Mr Clegg was interested to hear about Sleigh & Story and how we have grown in a short period of time from a start up business to a sizable business which now employs 10 people. He congratulated us and mentioned how admirable that was particularly considering the recession we have come through.”

Peter told Mr Clegg “I think that the secret to Sleigh & Story success is based on relationships. Accountants have a sometimes deserved image of being rather grey and dull but that is certainly not what you find at Sleigh and Story. Our business is based on spending quality time with clients, understanding their business, and tailoring our services to provide clients with the services they need to be successful. In short we believe that the Sleigh & Story’ success can be replicated with clients.”

Nick Clegg

Mr Clegg discussed with Peter the National Apprenticeship scheme. Peter said “Mr Clegg told me how important apprenticeships are to encourage young people into employment. I was delighted to be able to tell him that Sleigh & Story have recruited 3 apprentices in the last few years including our latest colleague, Nicole Bland, who started in October 2013”.

Mr Clegg asked Peter about business in Brighouse and about the importance of Brighouse Link, which Peter Sleigh and Debbie Story run at Prego Restaurant. Brighouse Link is a networking and training group which is open to all business people. “Mr Clegg was aware of Brighouse Link and the importance of it in encouraging local businesses to do business with each other. It was great to be able to update Mr Clegg that Brighouse Link has put local businesses together enabling them to do large amounts of business and that Brighouse Link also runs free workshops for businesses.”