On The Buses – Olive & Blakey v Peter & Debbie – Spot the difference?

Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice has kindly included Sleigh & Story on their latest advertising campaign for their ’99er’ membership scheme.


Is there an uncanny resemblance to Olive & Blakey from On the Buses?

Can you spot the difference?


So what’s being a 99er all about?

Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice have launched their 99er membership scheme. They are looking for big hearted businesses to become their founding 99ers, companies who will commit to donating just 99p a day to the Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice, helping them to put smiles on the faces of children and families who, for many reasons, have very little to smile about, during this most difficult of times.

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Sleigh & Story were invited by the Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice to produce a tax guide on ‘Gifts to Charity made by Limited Companies’.

Click on the image to see the electronic copy of the tax guide: