‘Cool accountants’ – Sleigh & Story features in the National magazine ‘Accounting & Business UK’ – So ‘cool’ they named us twice!


Sleigh & Story have been featured twice in the article ‘Cool accountants’ in the National magazine ‘Accounting & Business UK’ which is distributed to all Chartered Certified Accountants.

Printed quotes from our manager Aimee Rhodes were:

‘We don’t wear grey suits and we talk in plain English’

‘We go out to the comedy club, the races and for a meal.  We don’t see ourselves as colleagues, but as good friends who work together’.

The reporter summarised the 10 top reasons why an employer is cool to work for, ranked according to the number of votes received and their champions’ powers of persuasion.

In summary

  1. Ditch the sterotype (includes Aimee’s quote re suits)
  2. Sweet treats
  3. Hours to suit
  4. Ace space
  5. Made for sharing
  6. Giving with a difference
  7. Rewarding work
  8. Double bubble
  9. Not all work, work, work (includes Aimee’s quote re social events)
  10. Dream team

At the heart of Sleigh & Story is the passion for corporate responsibility to our employees and a modern and forward thinking approach to our business.  It is fantastic that a this has been recognised at a national level.