Charities Supported by Sleigh & Story

At Sleigh & Story we believe it is important for businesses to give something back to the community by supporting local charities. Peter is a trustee of two of the charities we support and the others are supported through corporate sponsorship. Some of our colleagues have been known to jump out of aeroplanes and walk on hot coals in the name of charity fundraising!


Trustee: Peter Sleigh

This charity supports drug-users and helps individuals and families to achieve recovery from addictions. It provides information on healthy living and positive lifestyles and helps to promote the reduction of crime caused by addictions.


Trustee: Peter Sleigh

This charity raises money for children and young people in care. It aims to support their aspirations and provide extra services for example books) for these vulnerable people and to people who are leaving the care system.



Corporate Sponsor: Sleigh & Story

This is a hospice serving the local area for people with life-limiting illnesses. Through specialist professional care they provide the best quality of life for their patients and support for their families and friends. All this care is provided free of charge and the hospice receives some funding but depends greatly on donations, grants and fundraising to be able to offer the services.


Corporate Sponsor: Sleigh & Story

This is a hospice based in Huddersfield and serves 200 children with life-shortening illnesses both in the hospice and in their homes. It needs to raise 3.8 million pounds each year as only 6% of their funding comes from the government. It offers care and support to the children and their families.


Corporate Sponsor: Sleigh & Story

This is a charity supporting vulnerable old people in the area. They offer advice on benefits, money matters and consumer issues. They also offer a befriending service to old people to offer companionship and there is also a domestic service – help with shopping and cleaning for people who are unable to manage but wish to remain living in their own homes.