Brighouse Link – Networking, lunch and two great presenters – next Wednesday 28 March

Many of you know that Sleigh & Story host a number of events to create stronger local business links and encourage local trade event

One such event is the Brighouse Link meeting next Wednesday and all are welcome, you just need to book in advance

At the event there will be two great 10 minute presentations:

‘From Whoopi to Websites: Finding the right words to sell your business’

–              Copywriter and journalist Michelle Hodgson of Key Words offers some practical tips on how to use words to help sell your products and services, from website copy to the power of blogging to crafting a punchy press release.

’10 mins of hot tips and tricks to get your website noticed by google’

–              Professional SEO campaign manager at SEOBRIAN offers some hot tips.

Lidia at Prego is putting on a gorgeous lunch.  The choice is between:

Delicious home baked lasagne with pork, beef and tomato ragu and creamy bechamel sauce and mozzarella cheese.


Creamy home made mixed mushroom risotto finished with a Parmesan crisp

We will also be networking, initially over coffee and then using a ‘table shuffle’.  In the ‘table shuffle’ you sit at a table of up to 7 people and each person speaks in turn to the other people on the table for a minute. Once everyone has spoken, I ring the bell and you get up and move to the next table of new people.

There will also be a business card draw – please email me if you’d like to donate a prize. This is a great way for the group to sample your services or products, particularly so people in the group can then recommend you on to others.

Click here to book a place. The cost is £12.50, which includes VAT and all booking fees.  Simply select the ticket with your choice of food.

You can either pay for your ticket on booking by credit card or select the option to pay on the door.  To avoid queues on the day we will only accept cash or cheque and please try to bring the correct change.

Any problems at all, please email me or call me on 01484 723783.