‘Bobble Day’ for Age UK – We’re having fun and raising awareness!

Today is Age UK’s  ‘Bobble Day‘ and Sleigh & Story are enjoying being involved in the campaign to help make winter a better season for older people.

We’ve dug out our woolly jumpers and are wearing them to work today, for a suggested donation of £2.  A good excuse for a casual clothes day.

Debbie’s 11 year old daughter has made a chocolate cake to help raise more funds for Age UK.  The team are just tucking into it as I type!


We are also selling bobble pins.


Bobble Day is part of the ‘Spread the warmth‘ campaign by Age UK to stop older people suffering and dying needlessly in winter.

The facts:


26,000 winter deaths every year…

Every year, more than 26,000 people die needlessly during winter because of the cold weather.

… 9 in 10 of which are older people

Older people are more vulnerable to effects of cold weather – out of the 26,000 winter deaths every year, 9 in 10 are older people.