17th October 2012 – Yvonne Castle YCChange and ‘table shuffle’

We have had a lot of new members (now over 250 members!) recently so we ran a ‘table shuffle’ at this event in order for you to meet everyone. This was simply where each person spoke in turn to the other people on their table for one minute. Once everyone had spoken you got up and moved to the next table of new people.


Our guest speaker was Yvonne Castle, from YCChange who presented on “Where there’s a will … .there’s a way !!” Ever wondered how you’d build your business with nothing, or how you’d grow it with even less!! Yvonne shared her business and personal insights from spending the last 3 months working with SME’s in Sri Lanka. Yvonne shared some motivational stories about how businesses start up, develop and grow with not much more than sheer willpower. She described the experience as “inspirational and life changing”.