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Hi, I’m founding partner Peter. I qualified locally giving me an insight into the requirements of local businesses and allowing me to give valued advice to clients above and beyond the necessary compliance work. I gained vast experience in offering a quality service to small and medium sized businesses as well as specialising in tax planning. I am the audit engagement partner at Sleigh & Story but my role has recently developed into that of a strategic pioneer as exhibited by my instrumental role in the recent creation of Big Shots – a coffee shop located in the same building as Sleigh & Story.
Outside the accountancy world I have a real passion for coaching and self development. I’ve spent many hours and days studying NLP and have achieved practitioner status. The journey has taken me from Northampton to New England where I’ve taken in talks from some of my most revered souls in this sphere. The experience has lead me to name two of the meeting rooms at the Sleigh & Story premises after such individuals, around which I would be more than happy to give you a guided tour.

I’m also proud to be a trustee of 2 charities…both of which I’m passionate about. The first is Bridge Project, a charity that helps to get 350 people a year off drugs: the second is TLC Together for Looked After Children, a local charity that helps to improve the life of children in care.

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