Jhelisa Mattis

To contact Jhelisa you can email: jhelisa@sleighandstory.co.uk.

Hi, I’m Jhelisa. I’m an apprentice here at Sleigh & Story studying at Kirklees College one day a week, working towards my AAT qualification. I have successfully passed my first year and am making great strides in my second, recently passing an exam with a mark of 100%. My roles at Sleigh & Story include preparing and reviewing payrolls, preparing VAT returns and preparing accounts jobs. I also work closely with Big Shots coffee shop to ensure their finances are kept up to date and provide reliable information for management.

Outside work I have a passion for drawing and design. My Instagram is overflowing with images of my pencil creations and I often develop dress designs. One of these has been brought to life to feature in a photo shoot and another is currently going through the same process. In the past I have also been known to get up on the catwalk and strut my stuff, all in the name of good fun.