Peter & Aimee go back to School

Brighouse Link answered a cry for help from Brighouse High School. Nigel Cliffe posted a request for help on LinkedIn as Lorna Aitken from the school needed delegates to assist a year 7 careers day. More than 12 businesses who are members of Brighouse Link volunteered including Nigel, John Steele, Martin Haigh, Deborah Ogden, Andrew Hawley, Helen Melville, Aimee Rhodes and Peter Sleigh

Peter & Aimee enjoyed the day back at school. They spent the morning talking to 220 year 7 pupils from Brighouse High School and William Henry School about careers. The day started with a game of ‘What’s my Line’. We went in casual dress and the children had to guess what we did. We answered a range of questions from the children with a simple yes or no response. Of the 8 groups we spoke to 2 guessed. The other answers ranged from magician to boxer to estate agents!

Following this we spoke to the children about our work as accountants and business advisors. We talked in terms of pocket money & if you saved it was good, if you spent it all it was ok but if you spent it all and had to borrow from your mum and dad it was bad. We compared this to business and if you spent more than you earned you had a problem. We told the kids that part of our job was to make sure our clients did not spend more than they earned!

We then went into a class room with 20 children where we talked about work ethic and why it is good to work. We were really impressed by how many children spoke about job satisfaction and passion for a job rather than just money. We also talked about how you get to be an accountant and different career paths.

We then had lunch at school!


We would like to thank Lorna and Nigel who arranged it and all the members of Brighouse Link who went along.  We would also like to thank the children of year 7 who made us very welcome and contributed so much to an informative & fun packed morning.