‘Intracom VAT Registry’ scam

Fraudsters have invented a new registration requirement for VAT We regularly receive emails from clients alerting us to the latest scams as fraudsters invent new ways to try to defraud taxpayers in the UK. We always advise the sender to contact.

Channel Islands VAT ‘loophole’ closed

The government is to change the tax rules that have allowed retailers to avoid paying VAT by sending goods from the Channel Islands. The loophole has been used increasingly in recent years by companies selling CDs and DVDs online, such as.

Junior Isa saving option launched

Tax-free savings accounts for children, known as Junior Isas, are now available from providers for the first time.

About six million children are estimated to be eligible for the products, which cannot be cashed until a youngster reaches the age.

Video ‘taster’ of Ladies 4 Networking

If you haven’t been to a Ladies 4 Networking event before, take a look at this video that Angela Blackman of u-look-i-c Creative Solutions made at the Halifax launch earlier this month. Hopefully it will give you an idea of what.

Your Tax Questions Answered

Q: My kids are about to start attending a nursery whilst I am at work.  Can I claim the cost of nursery fees? A: If you are self-employed these are not a tax allowable expense, sorry, but do claim for additional.

Questions to Ask when Writing a Small Business Strategy

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When developing a small business strategy the business owner should be asking the following types of questions: • What types of markets to target? • How to successfully grow your market (using some pretty specific market strategies)? • What types of.